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Silver Ring

Silver Ring

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Finding your perfect ring size

Accurately determining your ring size can be done using several methods, each ensuring a precise fit. Here are the steps for some of the most reliable methods:

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Professional Measurement

Visit a jeweler to get your finger professionally measured. Jewelers use a set of ring sizers or a mandrel to determine your size accurately

Ring Sizer Tool

Purchase a ring sizer tool, which can be a set of graduated rings or a belt-like strip marked with sizes. Slide the ring sizer onto your finger to find the most comfortable fit.

Printable Ring Sizer

Use our printable ring sizer - choose A4 or Letter format. Ensure the printout is at 100% scale, cut out the sizer, and wrap it around your finger to measure. Be cautious as paper sizers can stretch or tear, affecting accuracy.

Measuring an Existing Ring

If you have a ring that fits well, measure its inner diameter with a ruler or caliper and compare it to our printable ring sizer.

When measuring:

  • Ensure your fingers are at normal room temperature as they can expand or contract with heat and cold.
  • Measure at the end of the day when your fingers are likely at their largest.
  • Consider the width of the ring; wider bands may require a slightly larger size for comfort.

By following these methods, you can determine your ring size with accuracy and confidence.

Download our printable ring sizers below: